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Five social media marketing tips for small businesses or organisations.

Updated: May 24, 2020

Alright team now that we understand how valuable Social Media Marketing is here are five ways we can increase our engagement, sales, leads, or whatever your business targets may be.

These are five tips that I think are crucial to building a successful online campaign.

1. Know your business marketing strategy.

If you are looking to build your online presence that is great, but you need a plan of attack. A review of what is working, what isn't working, the things you want to improve on and where you want your business to be is a good start. A marketing strategy or plan should include your mission, short term goals, long term goals, target audience and the platforms you wish to use. Once you finalise these key areas you can start to develop content or material that suits your brand.

2. Standing out in the crowd.

When trying to consolidate followers it is important that we make the business personalised. Social Media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and the like were created for interaction not for selling products. First sell yourself so people can relate to you, make it as personalised as possible because we know, no two people are the same. Once you have sold yourself then you can sell your business and the product.

3. Visuals

As I have previously mentioned our attention span on social media is much less than face to face. We have approximately seven seconds before individuals will move to a new post.

Use visuals to tell your story and where possible lose the text. We can listen to video content and interpret still images a lot faster than we can read.

4. Post at an optimal time for you.

Again this comes back to knowing your audience. If your followers are 9 -5 jobs posting in the evening will work if they work shift work post at a time that they may be just waking up that just happens to be a time when everyone else is on a lunch break. Find what works for you. Sometimes your "prime time" may also be everyone else prime time. We don't want your business being caught in traffic.

5. Search for opportunities

This is an area I think a lot of people may fall down in. If you go to your social media platforms and run a search of your key words and filter to posts only you can literally see who is talking about areas that may concern your business. Give them a like or be super active and send them a message. A great way of expanding your brand awareness.

If you think these helpful hints have assisted you in anyway please give this article a share and help some of your small business owner connections.

If you need any assistance with the above please reach out.

"Helping others reach their online potential"


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