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Social Media Never Sleeps

Happy Long weekend everyone.

A day where we can enjoy some additional family time or some extra relaxation before we prepare for a busy week.

A day where we kick back and view social media with no restrictions. The perfect time to promote your business or organisation.

Social media never turns off.

In a 24/7 environment, no matter what industry your business is in, posting social media content on the weekend and on holidays can be beneficial to your social media efforts.

After work and on the weekend are great times to post because people are relaxing and browsing social networks at their own pace and without restrictions.

How do you view your social media on a week day versus on the weekend?

There are no deadlines, or meetings to get to.

Followers are more likely to engage in a conversation when they have time.

This makes weekends and public holidays a good opportunity to capitalise on engaging with your audience and building tactics to build stronger relationships with them.

So what should we be sharing?

Weekends are great days for sharing more laid back posts.

Giving your followers an insight to life outside of the office.

Followers relate to personal posts so why not show everyone what the behind the scenes of the business looks like.

Be sure to tag your location on Instagram and use local hashtags when possible for more exposure.

Ask your followers questions and try to get them to interact with you.

Start integrating simple questions into your captions.

Open ended questions usually encourage followers to get a bit more involved, but questions can be short, or even a poll.

Your lifestyle content brings your buyer persona “to life” in a sense – it highlights interests beyond your product or brand.

Round ups can make great weekend social media content.

You can share the top content from your feed for the week, highlight some of your favourite user generated content or an interesting photos posted from influences or related brands.

What have you posted this long weekend?

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