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Support surprise

Can I just start with a massive thank you?

Thank you to everyone who has visited my website, liked my page on Facebook or followed my Instagram account.

I've spent a large portion of my life travelling around and I have had had the privileged to call a number of towns and cities home.

Those amazing people are the ones that are still following my life and all the turns it takes and supporting this new venture of mine.

It has been pleasing to have a number of potential customers show interest in what I can and hope to do to improve your marketing capabilities online.

Here is a short video to summarise what I do, without having to visit more than this blog.

To summarise the video here is a snapshot.

1. Small business marketing

2. Sporting clubs or league marketing

3. Event Coverage

4. Digital Assets for promotion

5. Social Media Education and Training

6. Media Stakeholder Relationship Advice

Hope to speak to you soon.


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